About Us

With lovely pastoral views nestled at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville is a very special place. People from all over the globe gather here to study at the University of Virginia and immerse themselves in the history of Thomas Jefferson, as well as the trendy scene embodied by our local musicians gone big, the Dave Matthews Band. We do it all here—art, music, history and culture, along with a passion for nature, gardening and living in a way that embraces the beauty of the countryside and the hip vibe of our downtown scene. Virginia is for lovers as they say—and Charlottesville seems the perfect place to begin any love story.

Our idea for Charlottesville Wine & Country Weddings came out of our love and adoration of this place. In our curated collection of portfolios we feature our town's many talented wedding professionals. You will find not only beautiful craftsmanship, but also people who love love—people you can trust to inspire you as you dream about and embark on one of the biggest days of your life. These amazing artisans have come together from around the world as well as home-grown right here in Virginia, to create an industry that is growing in joyful leaps and bounds and is committed to a level of quality that couples will find on par with cities from New York to Beverly Hills.

Jefferson is said to have found his enlightenment in Paris, and in similar fashion he influenced our region to adopt many of the same passions from winemaking and sophisticated farm-to-table cuisine to a love of beautiful architecture and stunning landscapes. The beauty of our area and the work of our many amazing wedding artisans are capturing attention in regional and national wedding publications. As a result, couples are coming here to enjoy the stunning views and elegant styles of those who make it all happen for our brides and grooms with grace and down-to-earth hospitality.

Just as new romance can feel simultaneously exciting and a little bit scary, we found ourselves similarly engrossed with each and every detail of Charlottesville Wine & Country Weddings' first issue. We lingered over every photograph, perfected every word—but the time has come at last to send the inaugural issue out into the world. Along the way, we've been blown away by the responses from our contributors. We expected only a dozen or so portfolios and found ourselves with more than 50—and we are smitten with each one! We have made new friends and have met so many talented photographers, wedding planners, bakers and more—and we can't wait to introduce them to you. It has also been a special pleasure to work closely in this endeavor with the lovely Jen Fariello who lent us her fine art photography talents and generous guidance and advice in her role of Creative Consultant.

Co-publishers, Robin Johnson-Bethke, our Creative Director, and Jennifer Bryerton, our Editor-in-Chief, created Ivy Publications LLC over 15 years ago and are especially excited to share their newest project with you. Over the years, Ivy Publications LLC has created CharlottesvilleFamily, a monthly magazine serving the town and country lifestyles of our region's families; the Charlottesville Welcome Book, a guide to our area's many attractions (also popular with brides for their welcome baskets); and the Healthy Living Directory, an annual publication dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle. With an amazing staff, Ivy Publications, LLC eagerly embraces serving readers and the community with exceptional publications.

For more information please email weddings@IvyPublications.com or telephone 434.984.4713