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Cara & Jacob Laufer at Keswick Vineyards

Under the blue Virginia sky on a beautiful Saturday in late August, Cara and Jacob Laufer took their vows in front of family and friends. Unconditional love radiated across the crowd as scents of grapes nearing their harvest made the picturesque celebration all the more sweet. As they tied the knot less than three hours from where […]

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Food Display & Decor

Fabulous Food – Entertain in elegance by adding a unique touch to your table with foodie items like fruits, meats, cheeses and more! Create the mood for any occasion by creatively displaying your dishes or by using your foodie favorites to accent your decor. Balance your color palettes with the tasty treats or use them to add that burst of color to […]

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Julie & Andrew Plyer

      Charlottesville weddings are the perfect place to find southern charm and rustic elegance. To continue with our submissions for "Wedding of the Year," we would love to introduce Julie Mann and Andrew Plyler. With August just around the corner, Julie and Andrew showed us how to create the perfect color scheme for […]

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Ideas for Local Flavor

Our favorite locally made favors and personal touches that add that special seasoning to your day.

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